• Multi-purpose tooling can be used to drill and ream in one operation
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of composites and plastics
  • Engineered to produce tight toleranced holes in composite laminates (.0005” to .0010”)
  • Solid carbide
  • 4 flute design and special “long nose” geometry spread the cut out, eliminating delamination by avoiding grabbing or pushing on plies
  • For use in both hand and CNC operations
  • Available in CVD or DLC coatings upon request
  • Precision manufactured in the USA

C27354  C31427  C20256  C43574  C41022  C15769  C32825  C22379  C57905  C80152  C10752  C69671  C33113  C37935                C35875  C31369  C97097  C84609  C42964  C28656  C31983  C41707  C80447  C41628  C97319  C23092  C82804                C46915  C54150  C21539  C17043  C66989  C68577  C69742  C54695  C31256  C43238  C52627

TPRMR0980C0-4               TPRMR0980C0-6               TPRMR1250C0-4               TPRMR1250C0-6               TPRMR1285C0-4                TPRMR1285C0-6               TPRMR1406C0-4               TPRMR1406C0-6               TPRMR1563C0-4                TPRMR1563C0-6               TPRMR1590C0-4               TPRMR1590C0-6               TPRMR1610C0-4                TPRMR1610C0-6               TPRMR1719C0-4               TPRMR1719C0-6               TPRMR1875C0-4                TPRMR1875C0-6               TPRMR1910C0-4               TPRMR1910C0-6               TPRMR1935C0-4                TPRMR1935C0-6               TPRMR1990C0-4               TPRMR1990C0-6               TPRMR2010C0-4                TPRMR2010C0-6               TPRMR2031C0-4               TPRMR2031C0-6               TPRMR2188C0-4                TPRMR2188C0-6               TPRMR2280C0-4               TPRMR2280C0-6               TPRMR2340C0-4                TPRMR2340C0-6               TPRMR2380C0-4               TPRMR2380C0-6               TPRMR2500C0-4                TPRMR2500C0-6

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