Powdered Metal CoreHoggers™

Large Size Finishing Tools

Our CoreHog™ shredders use the best materials available today to give the best performance possible. CoreHoggers™ are recommended for all types of honeycomb materials.

Powdered Metal CoreHoggers™

PartDiaLocUse With
45H44MM.630"45CS / 45CST / 45CSC / 45CSW
2H1.950".750"2CS / 2CST / 2CSC / 2CSW
2HLG1.950"1.500"2CS / 2CST / 2CSC / 2CSW
2HLG-3DEG1.950"1.500"2CS / 2CST / 2CSC / 2CSW
63H61.5MM.700"63CS / 63CST / 63CSC / 63CSW
63HLG61.5MM1.200"63CS / 63CST / 63CSC / 63CSW
3H2.750".950"3CS / 3CST / 3CSC / 3CSW

Specialized Composites and Honeycomb Core Cutting Tools


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