Modular Sandwich Panel Cutter Core Insert

Modular Rebating Tools


We have set the stage yet again with our new Modular Sandwich Panel Cutter. This tool allows you to machine both the skin and undercut the panel at the same time. The new design is made up of three separate components (Arbor / Skin Insert / Core Insert) and allows you to customize and individually replace each cutting component.

Rebating (trenching, ditching, relieving, etc.) is the removal of material between the skins of a sandwich panel. Due to the unique geometry of our rebating tools, cutting feed rates will increase up to 500% above our competitors.

We stock many custom configurations of rebating tools that are not listed above. Please contact our sales department to inquire.

Modular Sandwich Panel Cutter Core Insert

875X16CHRBPCA.875".160"Insert for Core material
875X21CHRBPCA.875".210"Insert for Core material
875X25CHRBPCA.875".250"Insert for Core material
875X38CHRBPCA.875".380"Insert for Core material
875X45CHRBPCA.875".450"Insert for Core material
875X475CHRBPCA.875".475"Insert for Core material
875X50CHRBPCA.875".500"Insert for Core material
100X312CHRBPCA1.00".312"Insert for Core material

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