Modular Rebating Tools – Sandwich Panel Cutter – Core Insert

  • Must be paired with Sandwich Panel Arbors for use
  • Design reduces setups, cost per cutter, and provides flexibility with varying sandwich panel configurations
  • Optimized for removing material between face sheets on honeycomb core sandwich panel
  • Excellent for outside edges as well as internal circular or rectangular rebate requirements
  • Complex geometry reduces tearing, flagging, and fuzz while providing a rebated area to allow for edge filling or fasteners later on
  • TiAlN coating for high hardness and high temperature resistance
  • Solid carbide
  • Precision manufactured in the USA

Assembly design consists of Sandwich Panel Cutter Arbor, Core Insert, and Skin Insert.

C18949  C15104  C62536  C18259  C27240  C91505  C74679  C95727

875X16CHRBPCA              875X21CHRBPCA              875X25CHRBPCA              875X38CHRBPCA              875X45CHRBPCA                875X475CHRBPCA            875X50CHRBPCA              100X312CHRBPCA

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