• Proprietary multi-stepped nose design spreads out load, eliminating delamination and/or burr on exit
  • Designed to produce tight toleranced holes with minimal tool pressure
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of composites and plastics
  • Engineered to improve hole finish
  • For use in both hand and CNC operations
  • Solid carbide
  • Available in CVD or DLC coatings upon request
  • Precision manufactured in the USA

C85367  C77209  C87870  C40706  C59188  C50598  C88163  C56849  C13592  C49695  C95375  C88311  C58644  C55115                C14086  C76710  C35105  C73884  C11419  C46027  C63230  C37453  C58002  C32738  C58438  C47246  C87145                C60809  C69648  C17496  C54043  C90546  C91646  C88811  C11985  C54115  C72507  C45128

STDRMR0980C0-4            STDRMR0980C0-6            STDRMR1250C0-4            STDRMR1250C0-6            STDRMR1285C0-4                STDRMR1285C0-6            STDRMR1406C0-4            STDRMR1406C0-6            STDRMR1563C0-4                STDRMR1563C0-6            STDRMR1590C0-4            STDRMR1590C0-6            STDRMR1610C0-4                STDRMR1610C0-6            STDRMR1719C0-4            STDRMR1719C0-6            STDRMR1875C0-4                STDRMR1875C0-6            STDRMR1910C0-4            STDRMR1910C0-6            STDRMR1935C0-4                STDRMR1935C0-6            STDRMR1990C0-4            STDRMR1990C0-6            STDRMR2010C0-4                STDRMR2010C0-6            STDRMR2031C0-4            STDRMR2031C0-6            STDRMR2188C0-4                STDRMR2188C0-6            STDRMR2280C0-4            STDRMR2280C0-6            STDRMR2340C0-4                STDRMR2340C0-6            STDRMR2380C0-4            STDRMR2380C0-6            STDRMR2500C0-4                STDRMR2500C0-6

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