• An ideal choice for hand drilling composites in assembly applications
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of composites and plastics
  • Can also be used in CNC operations for added versatility
  • Cutting geometry designed to reduce delamination on exit
  • DLC coating for optimal performance
  • Solid carbide
  • Precision manufactured in the USA

C54513  C86727  C48573  C53673  C33689  C58943  C74783  C55142  C60040  C35069  C24478  C19253  C79990  C39287                C22739  C74357  C80957  C94739  C81447  C85505  C26167  C44812  C58352  C15288  C92113  C93241  C66627                C84617  C97767  C82266  C19980  C95914  C72944  C93784  C10495  C53020  C87771  C44308

DGRDR0980-4    DGRDR0980-6    DGRDR1250-4    DGRDR1250-6    DGRDR1285-4    DGRDR1285-6    DGRDR1406-4                DGRDR1406-6    DGRDR1563-4    DGRDR1563-6    DGRDR1590-4    DGRDR1590-6    DGRDR1610-4    DGRDR1610-6              DGRDR1719-4    DGRDR1719-6    DGRDR1875-4    DGRDR1875-6    DGRDR1910-4    DGRDR1910-6    DGRDR1935-4              DGRDR1935-6    DGRDR1990-4    DGRDR1990-6    DGRDR2010-4    DGRDR2010-6    DGRDR2031-4    DGRDR2031-6              DGRDR2188-4    DGRDR2188-6    DGRDR2280-4    DGRDR2280-6    DGRDR2340-4    DGRDR2340-6    DGRDR2380-4              DGRDR2380-6    DGRDR2500-4    DGRDR2500-6

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