Countersinks – PCD Diamond

  • Provides excellent performance in abrasive materials like CFRP, fiberglass, and Kevlar®
  • Achieve up to 50x the tool life over high speed steel or carbide tools
  • Superior tool life
  • For use in both hand and CNC operations
  • PCD diamond brazed on solid carbide body for significant improvement in tool life
  • Precision manufactured in Italy

C28471  C73531  C14206  C74331  C61588  C60696  C72733  C15147  C80597  C49699  C36217  C75796  C93938  C23165                C18815  C96616

CSNK1002FD500P188      CSNK1003FD500P188      CSNK1002FD500P199      CSNK1003FD500P199      CSNK1002FD500P248                CSNK1003FD500P248      CSNK1002FD500RP          CSNK1003FD500RP          CSNK1302FD500P188                CSNK1303FD500P188      CSNK1302FD500P199      CSNK1303FD500P199      CSNK1302FD500P248                CSNK1303FD500P248      CSNK1302FD500RP          CSNK1303FD500RP

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