CoreHoggers – Left Hand

Vertical Wall Finishing Tools

  • Engineered to provide smooth vertical walls in aramid honeycomb materials
  • Ideal for maintaining cut direction for reverse parts to prevent ribbon tearing
  • Designed to produce flag-free finishes with 3 axis machines
  • Minimal equipment or complex tool path motions required
  • ZrN coating offers higher hardness and added lubricity for maximum performance
  • Solid carbide
  • Precision manufactured in the USA

C23956  C31748  C28371  C46610  C16350  C31093  C94437  C33517  C42937  C25658

25CHLH 25CHLH-4             25CHLH-6             375CHLH              5CHLH   5CHLH-6               75CHLH 75CHLH-6             1CHLH                1CHLH-6

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