CoreHog™ Valve Stem Slicers — Integral Shank

CoreHog™ Valve Cutters

CoreHog™ Valve Stem Slicers with Integral Shank

5MCS5MM1.417" / 3MMSmooth Edge
10MCS10MM4.00"Smooth Edge
10MCSC10MM4.00"Coarsetooth Edge
10MCST10MM4.00"Sawtooth Edge
5CS.500"4.00"Smooth Edge
5CSC.500"4.00"Coarsetooth Edge
5CST.500"4.00"Sawtooth Edge
75CS-MTK.750"3.00"Smooth Edge
75CSC-MTK.750"3.00"Coarsetooth Edge
75CST-MTK.750"3.00"Sawtooth Edge
1CS-MTK1.000"3.00"Smooth Edge
1CSC-MTK1.000"3.00"Coarsetooth Edge
1CST-MTK1.000"3.00"Sawtooth Edge

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