CoreHog™ Valve Stem Arbors

Large Size Finishing Tools

CoreHog™ Valve Stem Arbors

Shank DiaOalUse WithReferenceTool #Price
.500"3.5"1CS / 1CSC / 1CST1CFAC67352$127.85
.500"3.5"15CS / 15CSC / 15CST15CFAC20736$142.80
.500"3.5"2CFS / 2CFSC / 2CFST / 75MMCFS / 75MMCFSC / 75MMCFST2CFAC14216$152.35
.500"3.5"75MMCFS / 75MMCFSC / 75MMCFST75MMCFAC99465$157.35

Our large finishing assembly tools are one of our most popular series. They are -specifically designed to finish large surface area parts in all variety of honeycomb core. Depths of cut can be made up to 1.250″ deep.

We have many configurations and styles specifically designed for different material types, densities and manufacturing styles. The (3) piece design consists of an arbor (washer and screw included), CoreHog™ shredder and carbide -Coreslicer.

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