Composite Router Bits

CFRP Router Bits

Excellent for milling all types of composite laminate type materials ranging from carbon, Fiberglass, S-Glass and Kevlar Phenolic. Tool life up to 50x’s higher than standard carbide tools when used as recommended.

*PVD Coated—Thin film coated for good life in short run production

Composite Router Bits General Use

DiaLocOalDirectionReferenceTool #Price
.250".750"2.50"Up Cut / Standard End25CFRUC17487$60.15
.250".750"2.50"Up Cut / Drill Point End25CFRUDPC52495$65.75
.250".750"2.50"Down Cut / Standard End25CFRDC73670$65.75
.375"1.000"3.00"Up Cut / Standard End375CFRUL3.0C22375$99.50
.375"1.000"3.00"Down Cut / Standard End375CFRDL3.0C66310$105.50
.500"1.500"3.00"Up Cut / Standard End5CFRUC85755$117.75
.500"1.500"3.00"Up Cut / Drill Point End5CFRUDPC90390$124.30
.500"1.500"3.00"Down Cut / Standard End5CFRDC20235$124.30
.750"2.000"4.00"Down Cut / Standard End75CFRDC69001$182.55
.750"2.000"4.00"Up Cut / Standard End75CFRUC35161$172.00

Composite Router Bits Heavy Duty Use

DiaLocOalDirectionReferenceTool #Price
.250".750"2.50"Up Cut / Standard End25CFRUCVDC10057$105.90
.250".750"2.50"Up Cut / Drill Point End25CFRUCVDDPC61695$111.60
.250".750"2.50"Down Cut / Standard End25CFRDCVDC95468$111.60
.375"1.000"3.00”Up Cut / Standard End375CFRUCVDL3.0C90400$183.75
.375"1.000"3.00”Down Cut / Standard End375CFRDCVDL3.0C87132$187.20
.500"1.500"3.00”Up Cut / Standard End5CFRUCVDC85758$251.20
.500"1.500"3.00”Up Cut / Drill Point End5CFRUCVDDPC87478$263.60
.500"1.500"3.00”Down Cut / Standard End5CFRDCVDC96237$263.60
.750"2.000"4.00”Up Cut / Standard End75CFRUCVDC69497$457.60
.750"2.000"4.00”Down Cut / Standard End75CFRDCVDC97846$468.80

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