CFRP Router Bits – End Mill Style – Upcut

  • Free cutting geometry minimizes delamination and provides excellent part finish
  • Optimized for trimming CFRP and provides excellent performance in Fiberglass and S Glass
  • Geometry allows for ramping and plunging
  • Center cutting
  • DLC coating for optimal performance
  • True crystalline CVD diamond coating for extended tool life
  • Solid carbide
  • Precision manufactured in the USA

C62250  C91130  C75739  C18480  C26546  C28064  C28469  C30903  C61622  C75207  C58718

125CFRU2F         1875CFRU2F       25CFRU2F            375CFRU2FL3.0 5CFRU2F              125CFRUCVD2F 1875CFRUCVD2F                25CFRUCVD2F   375CFRUCVD2FL3.0         375CFRUCVD2FL4.0         5CFRUCVD2F

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