CFRP Router Bits – Burr Style – Upcut

  • Burr style end allows for ramping, not suited for plunge cutting
  • Free cutting geometry minimizes delamination and provides excellent part finish
  • Optimized for trimming CFRP and provides excellent performance in Fiberglass and S Glass
  • DLC coating for optimal performance
  • True crystalline CVD diamond coating for extended tool life
  • Solid carbide
  • Precision manufactured in the USA

C25760  C32315  C10057  C23690  C90400  C61465  C85758  C69497  C29759  C47397  C17487  C22375  C85755  C35161

125CFRUCVD     1875CFRUCVD   25CFRUCVD        25CFRU1.00L3.00C8         375CFRUCVDL3.0             375CFRUCVDL4.0                5CFRUCVD          75CFRUCVD        125CFRU              1875CFRU            25CFRU 375CFRUL3.0      5CFRU   75CFRU

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