Burr Tools – Drill Point Style

  • Specially designed for routing fiber reinforced, epoxy resin, and composites
  • Engineered with diamond-cut flute pattern to reduce delamination and provide smooth cutting action
  • 135° drill point
  • DLC coating for optimal performance
  • Solid carbide
  • Precision manufactured in the USA

C17331  C80150  C85678  C36362  C74177  C39339  C72397  C63083  C30807  C69523

2500FRBDPC0    2500FRBDPXLC0                3125FRBDPC0    3750FRBDPC0    5000FRBDPC0    2500FRBDPC7                2500FRBDPXLC7                3125FRBDPC7    3750FRBDPC7    5000FRBDPC7

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