• 8 Facet design efficiently spreads out tool pressure throughout the cut, eliminating delamination on exit
  • Optimized to maximize MRR
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of composites and plastics
  • For use in both hand and CNC operations
  • Solid carbide
  • Available in CVD or DLC coatings upon request
  • Precision manufactured in the USA

C14893  C96799  C97275  C58920  C17912  C51710  C54951  C64074  C47378  C30144  C54592  C84101  C48046  C53804                C82255  C13482  C41314  C80427  C90406  C38899  C63605  C14935  C88736  C37663  C16115  C23344  C90415                C55016  C33317  C59892  C90403  C14929  C99526  C94961  C48696  C98607  C78583  C50597

8FDR0980C0-4   8FDR0980C0-6   8FDR1250C0-4   8FDR1250C0-6   8FDR1285C0-4   8FDR1285C0-6   8FDR1406C0-4                8FDR1406C0-6   8FDR1563C0-4   8FDR1563C0-6   8FDR1590C0-4   8FDR1590C0-6   8FDR1610C0-4   8FDR1610C0-6              8FDR1719C0-4   8FDR1719C0-6   8FDR1875C0-4   8FDR1875C0-6   8FDR1910C0-4   8FDR1910C0-6   8FDR1935C0-4              8FDR1935C0-6   8FDR1990C0-4   8FDR1990C0-6   8FDR2010C0-4   8FDR2010C0-6   8FDR2031C0-4   8FDR2031C0-6              8FDR2188C0-4   8FDR2188C0-6   8FDR2280C0-4   8FDR2280C0-6   8FDR2340C0-4   8FDR2340C0-6   8FDR2380C0-4              8FDR2380C0-6   8FDR2500C0-4   8FDR2500C0-6

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