8 Facet Drills – PCD Diamond

  • 8 Facet design efficiently spreads out tool pressure throughout the cut, eliminating delamination on exit
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of composites and plastics
  • Optimized to maximize MRR
  • Superior tool life
  • PCD diamond brazed on solid carbide body for significant improvement in tool life
  • Precision manufactured in Italy

C90396  C38258  C49330  C38653  C85685  C25332  C15800  C76164  C19906  C50071  C99483  C38093  C78394  C76345                C59109  C71236  C42430  C42410  C17060  C82350  C98671  C25422  C57410  C84739  C29982  C54216  C34314                C18210  C85129  C72004  C72387  C70412  C80253  C43657  C98957  C51757  C68709  C84791

8FDRPCD0980-4                8FDRPCD0980-6                8FDRPCD1250-4                8FDRPCD1250-6                8FDRPCD1285-4                8FDRPCD1285-6                8FDRPCD1406-4                8FDRPCD1406-6                8FDRPCD1563-4                8FDRPCD1563-6                8FDRPCD1590-4                8FDRPCD1590-6                8FDRPCD1610-4                8FDRPCD1610-6                8FDRPCD1719-4                8FDRPCD1719-6                8FDRPCD1875-4                8FDRPCD1875-6                8FDRPCD1910-4                8FDRPCD1910-6                8FDRPCD1935-4                8FDRPCD1935-6                8FDRPCD1990-4                8FDRPCD1990-6                8FDRPCD2010-4                8FDRPCD2010-6                8FDRPCD2031-4                8FDRPCD2031-6                8FDRPCD2188-4                8FDRPCD2188-6                8FDRPCD2280-4                8FDRPCD2280-6                8FDRPCD2340-4                8FDRPCD2340-6                8FDRPCD2380-4                8FDRPCD2380-6                8FDRPCD2500-4                8FDRPCD2500-6

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