Achieve a premium finish on your part with CoreHog’s offering of Honeycomb Core Finishing Tools, including Valve Cutters, Large Size Finishing Tools, Medium Size Finishing Tools, Small Size Finishing Tools, and Vertical Wall Finishing Tools.

Engineered to hog out substantial amounts of material at a rapid rate, CoreHog’s offering of Honeycomb Core Roughing Tools features Ball End CoreHoggers and Flat End CoreHoggers.

Among this offering of Sandwich Panel Tools is the Modular Sandwich Panel Cutter, which is optimized to save you time and effort by machining the skin and undercut the panel, simultaneously.

Designed to excel in the milling of composite laminate materials ranging from carbon, Fiberglass, S-Glass, and Kevlar Phenolic, our Laminate Tools offering features High Feed Mills, Router Bits, and PCD Diamond End Mills.

Achieve superb accuracy and superior tool life with CoreHog’s offering of Drilling Tools, including 8 Facet Drills, Dagger Drills, Helical Stel Drills, and Tapered Drills / Reamers.


With our commitment to excellence you can rest assured that you are receiving premium quality tools that will stand up to the rigors of core and composite cutting.