Honeycomb Core Finishing Tools

Specialized Honeycomb Core Machining / Milling Tools

Whether milling simple shapes or complex mold lines in Honeycomb Core, AMS Corehog™ has the right tool for your application. Our Honeycomb Core finishing tools come in many different sizes and configurations, from as small as 5MM (.196”) used to machine extra fine details, to our Core Slicer assemblies up to 63MM (2.480”) for large surfaces. Our small and medium finishing tools from 5MM (.196”) up to 1.0” are designed with an integral shank for easy assembly. Our larger diameter finishing tools from 45MM (1.771”) up to 63MM(2.480”) require full assembly requiring the use of an arbor and screw setup

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Available ONLY at AMS, CoreHog

CoreHog™ has invested countless hours in research and development to find the correct coatings for our Honeycomb Core finishing tools. With this achieved, our customers know they will have an extended life in their tools as well as a significant cost savings over time.


By first utilizing our Honeycomb core roughing tools (CoreHoggers™) to quickly reduce the stock down to manageable size and shape, our Core Finishing tools need only be utilized to mill the final shape on to the part. This significantly reduces tooling costs and programming time while at the same time increasing machine throughput and profitability. Click here to see a VIDEO of our finishing tools in action.


Our Honeycomb Core finishing tools have been used in excess of 1500 Inches Per Minute on conventional milling machines and routers.


Our Honeycomb Core Cutting Tools are made from special blend of Carbide which had proven to increase tool life even in the toughest cores. The dimensions on our tools are held to extremely tight tolerances unlike many of our competitors.


At AMS CoreHog™, we keep stock on our full line of standard Honeycomb Core machining tools so that we can be the “off the shelf” solution for our customers. We also have the capability to modify stock tools or to custom manufacture Core milling tools to meet our customers specific needs.

Customer Service

At AMS CoreHog™ we pride ourselves on top notch customer service. You can contact us by EMAIL or phone at (661) 467-0440.
Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in the composites industry. We are always ready to provide you with the correct cutting tools for your specific application.